Organ Teachers

Organ Teachers

If you are looking for an organ teacher in the Greater Vancouver Area, below are some contacts. (Organ teachers, please use the contact form on the right to be added to the list)


Name: Rachel ALFLATT (Queens Avenue United Church, New Westminster)

Phone number: 604 322 5995



Name: Frank EZINGA (Canadian Reformed Church Langley)

Phone number: 604 807 5246



Name: Edward NORMAN (Freelance, Vancouver and Gabriola Island)





  1. Dieneke OOSTENBRINK says:

    Wondering if You know of any organ teachers in chilliwack?

  2. Frazer Spicer says:

    Hi I was wondering for organ lessons, if you need to master piano before being able to find an organ teacher willing to teach you?

    • rachelalflatt says:

      Not necessarily, though it’s preferable and most people do play at least some piano before they start the organ.

      • Cathryn Wilkinson says:

        I am looking from permission from Cheldar Editions to perform a piece on a live broadcast. Do you know how I can obtain this permission? Thank you.

  3. Paul says:

    Hello, i am seeking for an instructor who is able to help me imrpove my technique at the organ. I am a self taught player, no experience in piano went right ahead to the organ. I am able to play, but because of my lack of an instructor i have developed bad habits that are hindering me from moving forward. All compositions that i play are all hymn accompaniment to lead both choir and congregation in singing. Please get back to me when you can, thank you knidly.

  4. Ruth Froese says:

    I studied the organ for three years in my teens, but have not played in 20 years. I am able to fulfill my retirement dream with a Hauptwerk organ in my home, but I am sadly in need of some instruction, both to choose new repertoire and to give me registration ideas. Also, if anyone knows of someone who can help me navigate the electronics to connect the Hauptwerk stops to the organ stops and pistons, I would be most appreciative.

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