Virtual organ link-up with Australia, 1st session

April 29, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
St. John’s Shaughnessy Anglican Church
1490 Nanton Ave
BC V6H 2E2

Friday, April 29, 7pm – 9pm, and Saturday, April 30, 11am – 1pm, come and witness a virtual midi link being created between a Vancouver organ and Perth, Australia! 

In the spirit of the success and theme of last Saturday’s international Organ Day, Vancouver Centre’s vice president Michael Dirk will host a virtual organ link up to Perth, Australia, this Friday and Saturday, culminating with performing on the 109-stop organ of St Patrick Basilica at a future date.

Doors will be open to the public at St. John’s Shaughnessy Anglican Church this Friday April 29th 6-8pm, and Saturday April 30th 10am-noon (see detailed schedule below), while we link up and experiment with Australian correspondent Matt Bray’s digital studio. (The link up with St Patrick’s will be at a later date once we confirm the midi link success). SSOS technician Steve Miller of Calgary will be coordinating the Midi capability of the SJS Hallman.

This initiative is funded by a Canada Arts Council grant, and spearheaded by BC interior organist/composer Gilles Parenteau.

April 29th – 6 pm 

-Michael, Steve and Gilles play music samples for Matt to play back
-improvisation over a pulse : loops of quarter notes and an eight notes triplets of single note (G4) will be sent from Perth and assigned to the Positive manual
-we will adjust the tempo so that a triplet eight note will be the latency value
-this will be recorded in Vancouver and Perth on Ableton for archives
In a dream world… play SJS and Perth organ simultaneously…if not this time hopefully in the near future!
April 30th – 11 am
-pairing pipe organ and other music software
- stacking pipes with orchestral samples and control their articulation through the organ expression pedals
-mapping and creating sustain pedal (from an organ foot pedal) to play piano and other sound banks (while playing from the organ)

-controlling expression pedal or pistons from a wireless midi finger ring!

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